Glass canopy and


Modern architecture and interior are no longer imaginable without the use of glass. Our company offers a wide range of glass for roofing, flooring, frameless glass structures, balconies or any other special needs.

What is safety glass? It is a glass that is extra processed to reduce the risk of human injury. The safe glass does not form sharp edges when broken or keep the breakage adhered to a transparent organic film. In other words, safety glass does not brake in sharp fragments that can cut or cause an injury.

Glass types

  • Clear glass;
  • Low Iron glass;
  • Tinted grey, bronze, green glass;
  • Opal glass;
  • Timeless glass (for shower cabins);
  • Mirastar (temperable mirror).

Safety glass:

  • Toughened glass ESG;
  • Laminated glass VSG;
  • Toughened laminated glass (ESG+VSG);
  • Toughened glass + HST (heat soak tested);
  • Fire-rated glass.

Toughened glass ESG

Toughened glass is a type of safety glass that is up to five times stronger than float glass. If broken, it safely crumbles into smaller granular pieces instead of splintering into jagged dangerous shards as with annealed glass. This makes it ideal for windows, balustrades public shelters, digital screens, canopies or any other applications that would become dangerous in the event of breakage – particularly glass installed at height.
Using the latest glass cutting technology, the glass can be machined in all shapes and drill configurations, from simple to highly complex with top quality edge finishes to specification.

All our glass products have a high-quality finish with minimum distortion and bow. We also offer the option of a Heat Soak Test for added peace of mind.
Tempered glass is a glass that has been specially treated to increase mechanical strength and thermal resistance.The glass is treated by slightly increasing its temperature above the softening level and rapidly cooling it down.
In this type of glass distributes large internal stresses. In the outer layers, high crushing forces, inside (thin layer) tensile forces occur.
Tempered glass cannot be further processed (drilled, sanded edges). This will cause a break of the glass.

Key features

  • Up to five times stronger than annealed glass
  • Toughened from 3mm
  • Cut to size
  • Available in all shapes and drill configurations
  • High quality finish with minimum distortion and bow
  • Can be incorporated into laminates and double/triple glazed units
  • Tested and certified to European standards
  • Optional heat soak testing to EN14179
  • Short lead times

Technical data

  • Thermal resistance of glass. The glass does not break in sudden changes of temperature up to 270°C degrees.
  • Strength of tempered glass when bending is 5-7 times higher than the ordinary glass, ≥ 125 MPa (1250 kgf/cm2)
  • Tempered 6mm thick glass does not break, throwing a metal ball of 0.8 kg from 1.2 m high on it.
  • In case of very high loads the glass breakes into a honeycomb-shaped fragments.


  • EN12150
  • EN12600 (1C1 / 1C2)
  • CE