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Transmission of electric power needed to supply blinds´ motors in openable doors or windows is made possible through our patented magnetic contacts. They are placed in the frame and in the casement (door or window). When the position is open the contacts open too which stops the power supply to the motor. When the position closes, the magnetic contacts connect again. If the window gets open during the process of raising or lowering, the blind stops. After the magnetic contact connect again the motor wait for the new impulse, or will continue with the last order.

Magnetic electrical contacts allow current to be transferred between the frame and sash in open or sliding windows. They consist of two parts: a fixed contact with a magnet and a moving contact that is magnetically attracted by a fixed contact. This traction movement ensures excellent contact and optimizes current flow to the installed device (motor).
They will operate at a maximum distance of 6 mm.
There are two types of magnetic contacts available:

  • two pairs of single-pole magnetic contacts
  • three pairs of single-pole magnetic contacts

Key features

  • Connected wires have no movement. This ensures durability;
  • Protected magnet;
  • Easy installation