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Integral blinds for bi folding doors, windows and conservatories stylish, modern & maintenance-free

Insulated glass units with horizontal blinds reduce thermal conductivity in winter time and protects the premises against heat in summer. The blinds make it easy to adjust the level of lighting in the room, eliminate glare and create privacy. The exceptional advantage is that this product is durable and requires no maintenance.

Ways to control:

  • manual control via magnet or electric control with external motor;
  • manual control with the handle;
  • using of remote control.

Integral blinds can be fitted inside any window or door in sizes from 300mm to 2600mm wide and in any frame – timber, aluminium or uPVC – and can even be retrofitted into existing doors and windows. They are easy to install – the same way as any other sealed unit.

Adding a stylish finishing touch to your room, integral blinds in glass are perfect for controlling room temperature, maintaining privacy and protecting your furniture from fading. They give you the ultimate in protection from the heat and glare of the sun whilst remaining dust and dirt-free – forever. They are also available in triple glazed sealed units.

ScreenLine integrated blind models

ScreenLine SL-C venetian blinds with manual operation (magnetic system)

ScreenLine SL-MB venetian blinds with motorised system 

ScreenLine SL-W venetian blinds with battery-operated motorised system

Key features

  • Reduces solar heat input to indoor areas;
  • Possibility to adjust the light flow inside the premises;
  • Reduces or eliminates dazzle;
  • Tilting, lowering and raising function;
  • Simple and reliable manual or electrical control;
  • The ability to connect to a smart home system.
  • No risk of damage due to blinds being inside the unit;
  • Durable product and no maintenance required;
  • Guaranted privacy;

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