Glass canopy and

Pertvaros EN

With the development of today’s technologies, new perspectives on glass are opening up. Few design features are as striking or as impressive as a glass floor – and the extra light that floods through a glass floor can transform a room into an open and airy space.

Glass flooring is today an exclusive design element. Even replacing a small portion of ordinary floor glass can greatly alter the design of the room, and give a greater sense of space. This increases the volume of the room. It is perfect solution for low light buildings that allows you to enjoy a daylight.
Special anti-slip coating makes it easy to walk on while clear laminated glass ensures safety. Upon request of thermal insulation we can also produce an insulated glass unit which can be used to walk on.

Glass staircases are an extraordinary solution in the interior of a room. However, this is not always intended to surprise your guest. This can be a great or even the only source of light in the room at the bottom part of the building.

Key features

  • simple, elegant and minimalist solution in dark and dim buildings;
  • thick glass perfectly insulates sound;
  • custom glass dimensions available;
  • glass floor or staircase will increase the space in the room and will also provide more light in the spaces below;
  • thermal insulation for insulated glass unit.


  • EN12543
  • EN14449
  • CE