Glass canopy and

Stainless steel railing


Railings on the balcony or on the terrace are necessary for few reasons. Safety and comfort are the most important – handrails protect against falling, not just children, pets, but also adults. Professionally selected handrails perfectly complete the facade of the house. It is a durable, practical, stylish and safe solution for both interior and exterior. High quality glass railings in both modern and classic style – perfect for your terrace, balcony.

Stainless steel and glass railings give the building facade an impression of lightness and modernity, while being constructed with glass allows the owner to enjoy the natural view.

Frameless glass railing

The frameless glass railing systems characterised by customizable floor supports.
These systems are designed to be 100% customisable and this feature allows them to adapt to any architectural requirement.

Special holders and the ficing points are strong, easy to assemble and can satisfy all planining and aesthetical needs.

Handrail Profile Systems

Architecture and design are always searching for new solution: one is handrail profile system; a shape profiles line for glass balconies.
Tubes, seals, connections and ends provide elegant and contemporary handrails, both in steel and wood, in contact with glass.

Technological evolution in contemporary architecture. Ajustable fixxing system for balustrade and much more.

This innovative glass fixxing system allows total control over the placement of the glass sheet, thus facilitating installation, even on irregular walls.

Fixing Point is a fastening systems line for hardened, laminated or float glass panels, and it is suitable for parapets and balconies. Details are made in AISI 304 o AISI 316 stainless steel. This typology provides a great transparency: every glass sheet is clasped to the load-bearing structure through stitches, whose number changes on the strength of sizes, glass weight and project loads.


  • EN12600
  • NTC 2008